Tuesday, May 29, 2018


Atherton School
LOCATION: Corner of Henderson Lake Road and M-55 in Section 25, Churchill Township
Current Use: Private Residence

Thursday, May 24, 2018


Podunk School (1904)
LOCATION: Southeast corner of Shearer Road and Ziemer Road in Section 9, Sage Township
Current Use: Unknown
There is not much left of the town of Podunk but the schoolhouse still stands.

Zion Evangelical Lutheran School (1916-1925)
LOCATION: 3557 N Oberlin Road in Section 35, Sherman Township
(just north of M-18 on the west side of the road)
Current Use: Private Residence
Designated a Michigan Historic Site on November 20, 1987


Maple Grove School (1889-1955)
LOCATION: Southeast corner of Hull Road and Conrad Road in Section 29, Arenac Township
Current Use: Church

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Star City School
LOCATION: From Highway 127 (Houghton Lake - Exit 194) go about 9 miles west on M-55 to Star City Road – turn north on Star City Road for about 3 miles. The school is on the east side of Star City Road (just north of Wagner Road) in Section 24, West Branch Township
Current Use: Privately Owned – used for storage

Thursday, November 3, 2016


Johnson School (1894-1946)
LOCATION:  17460 Sherman Blvd, Casnovia in Section 35, Casnovia Township
School is on the north side of Sherman Blvd between Newaygo Road and Peters Road
Current Use: Museum

While driving around Muskegon County, we were unable to locate the following schools:
- Maple Island School in Cedar Creek Township (burned down Nov. 13, 2009)

Saturday, September 24, 2016


West Brick School District No. 6 (1871-1960)
West Brick School and Plaque
LOCATION:  Corner of CR 378 (aka 30th Ave) and 69th Street in Bangor Township
Current Use:  The West Brick School Alumni (a non-profit group) is working to preserve this school.  This is a labor of love and donations are always appreciated.  Thank you to Catherine Green (President of the Alumni Group) for sharing information about this school.  When completed, the renovated school will be used as a community center/museum.

Wood School #6 (1869 to Present Day)
LOCATION:  Northwest corner of 66th Street and CR 378 (aka 30th Ave) in Bangor Township
The approximate address for this school is 29884 66th St or 66029 30th Ave depending on which street you use to enter the school grounds.   When I Googled “Wood School, Bangor Township Michigan” the search results showed the Wood School address as 35594 66th St, Bangor.  This incorrect address is about 1.5 miles south of its true location. 

This is one of a handful of still active one-room schools in Michigan.  I have been told by several different sources that there is a waiting list to attend this school.
Current Use:  Active One-Room School

Evergreen District No 7 School (early 1860’s - ?)
Evergreen School and Bell Tower
LOCATION:  Bloomingdale Depot Museum, 108 Van Buren St, Bloomingdale

The Evergreen School was originally located at the intersection of CR 380 and 44th Street in Section 31 of Bloomingdale Township.  In 2012, the Bloomingdale Area Historical Association had the school moved to the Village of Bloomingdale on the Depot Museum property (school is on Spring Street off Van Buren Street).   Like any project, the completion of this restoration is dependent upon available funding.
Current Use:  The local historical society has plans to create a historic village which will include the school.

Ackley (#7f) School (?? – 1997)
LOCATION:  Corner of CR-380 (aka 28th St) and CR-681 (aka 58th St) in Geneva Township
Approximate address is 20100 CR-681.
Current Use:  Private Residence

Geneva Center (#6f) School
LOCATION:  Northwest corner of CR-384 (12th St) and 64th St in Geneva Township
Current Use:  Private Property

Jericho School (1882-1895)
LOCATION:  Intersection of CR-380 (aka 28th St) and M-43 in Geneva Township
Current Use:  Party Store

Riverside District No 8 School of Geneva (1903)
 Riverside School and Plaque
LOCATION11900 68th St in Geneva Township
Northwest corner of CR-384 (aka 12th St) and 68th St
Current Use:  Privately Owned

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Luzerne School (1880’s-1936)
LOCATION:  About 22.5 miles east of Grayling on M-72 in Big Prairie Township
(or ½ mile west of Luzerne on north side of road - east of cemetery)
Current Use:  Baptist Church

Comins School (1896-1925)
LOCATION:  789 Ryno Road (aka M-72), Mio in Clinton Township
South side of road
Current Use:  Episcopal Church
Grandview School (1907-1926)
Grandview School Exterior and Interior
LOCATION:  1889 Caldwell Rd (County Fairgrounds), Fairview in Clinton Township
About 8/10’s of a mile north of M-72 - west side of road is entrance to Fairgrounds
School is to the left of the entrance station
Current Use:  Museum

Old North Fairview School (1895)
Log School - Exterior and Interior 
LOCATIONSteiner Museum, 1980 Reber Road, Fairview in Clinton Township
2 miles north of Fairview on M-33 on the SW Corner of M-33 and Reber Road
Current Use:  Museum

Steiner School (1934 – year on building)
LOCATION4331 N 1st Street, Comins in Clinton Township
One block west of M-33
Current Use:  Business

Centerline School (1890-1938) 
LOCATION:  1523 W Miller Road (aka East F-32), Mio in Elmer Township
About 3 miles west of M-72 on the south side of the road
Current Use:  Private Residence

Kittle School (1938)
LOCATION863 Kittle Road (aka 614), Mio in Elmer Township
About 2 miles west of M-72 on the south side of the road
Center/Main building is original school
Current Use:  Elmer Township Hall
Thank you to Sondi Holten for providing information/locations on schools in the Mio area.