Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Fowler School (1882-1943)
LOCATION:  Hartley Outdoor Education Center, 12633 Beaver Road, St Charles
In 1988, it was moved from its original location (corner of Burt and Chapin Roads in Marion Township) to the Hartley Outdoor Education Center complex – at the Murphy Farm (in Swan Creek Township).  It is a mile or so walk to the school through the woods from the Beaver Road parking lot or you can drive to it.  The Murphy Farm is located on the north side of the road at approximately 13300 West Townline Road, St. Charles.  The Murphy Farm is a Michigan Historic Site.   
Current Use:  Museum

Hart School (1860-1921)
LOCATION:  Grandpa Tiny’s Farm, 7775 Weiss St, Frankenmuth
Originally located in Tuscola County, it was moved to Frankenmuth in 2000 and is now part of Grandpa Tiny's Farm.  However, the school itself is located at the southeast corner of Gera (M-83) and Townline Road.
Current Use:  Museum

County Line School
LOCATION: Birch Run Community Park, 13001-13175 Maple Road, Birch Run
Corner of Maple Road and Burt Road – entrance off Maple Road
Current Use: Museum

Hill School (1890-1952)
LOCATION: 1146 Holland Road (aka M-46) in Section 26, Blumfield Township
On the north side of the road between Block Road and Gera Road (aka M-83)
Michigan Historic Site: July 26, 1978
Current Use: Business

Oakley School
LOCATION: Corner of First Street and Parshall Street, Oakley in Brady Township
Current Use: Oakley Village Park Property

Oakdale School (1925-1961)
LOCATION: 18147 West Brant Road, Brant in Brant Township
(on the south side of the road between Stevens Road and Fowler Road)
Current Use: This former Standard School is now a private residence

Leidein School (1899-1958)
LOCATION: Pride & Country Village, 5965 East Holland Road, Saginaw in Section 26, Buena Vista Township
(corner of M-46 and Portsmouth Road – driveway next to school is off Portsmouth Road)
Current Use: Business

Frink School
LOCATION: 6004 Bishop Road, Chesaning in Section 18, Maple Grove Township
(northwest corner of Bishop Road and Peet Road – aka M-57 – between Gasper Road and Briggs Road)
Current Use: Private Residence

Smith School
LOCATION: 17980 Gratiot Road in Section 29, Richland Township
(northeast corner of Gratiot Road – aka M-46 – and Iva Road)
Current Use: This former Standard School is now a business

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  2. When I was a child, my grandfather moved the one room school located on the corner of Brant and Fenmore roads in Marion Township, Saginaw county straight south about 75 yards to the top of the hill. He then converted it into a garage. The house is gone now and replaced by a new house, but the old schoolhouse garage still stands.

  3. We here at the Saginaw Genealogical Society already list your blog on our site, but people were having troubles locating the photos of school houses from our county on our site. We were wondering if you would mind if we also post these photos under the names of each school house in our county on the page COUNTY SCHOOLS which is located under the header HOME-LOCAL-SAGINAW.
    We are going around looking for all the old school houses online. Thank you for any help. Debra Sheets - Web Admin,

  4. Hello, I just wanted to let you know the Maple Grove schoolhouse you have listed as the Frink School is wrong. It is actually, Springbrook. My husband and I owned it at the time this picture was taken. The white spot above the front porch actually has Springbrook carved into the wood. Thanks, Sheila & Denny Harris

    1. We at the SGS are in the process of updating all of the schoolhouses and their locations. Thank you for making note of this correction for FRINK school. We were actually just out there yesterday taking new photos! They should all be on the website within a few more months...we are working nearly every day on this!! Debra Sheets